Roadmap Marketing Strategies

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Social Media Campaign

The CampusCash team plans on launching a clothing-based marketing campaign using multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. If you are interested in earning CampusCash to promote our coin on your social media page, contact the team here.

Campus Ambassador

The CampusCash Ambassador is a key component of the CampusCash program. They introduce CampusCash and the world of crypto to fellow students and otherwise actively promote the coin.

Ambassadors must adhere to the CampusCash Code of Conduct and receive CampusCash rewards for recruitment and events.


We want to be represented at every school and university in the world. The ambassadors of the individual universities and free access to our applications should bring us to every cell phone and notebook of students and trainees. Video conferencing and AskMeAnything events take place as events between the ambassadors and the students on our channels. Regardless of their location, all students and our partners can participate. As a result, life on campus will reform online.

Gain Acceptance in Local Markets

CampusCash representatives will be speaking with store, restaurant, and bar owners on each campus we visit. These businesses will be taught just how simple accepting CampusCash can be, as well as the benefits that come along with its use. To facilitate reaching more schools, an incentive based system will be put in place in which Campus Ambassadors will receive CampusCash for each business they help sign up. This will allow students to be able to spend their CampusCash in a local market while furthering its wide-spread adoption.

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